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News of good news | Saxo Bank, a world-famous financial institution, has chosen LINKSOFT!


Recently, Saxo Bank, a world-famous financial institution, signed a contract with LINKSOFT (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd!
Saxo Bank is the world's leading provider of electronic trading and investment, aiming to become the most transparent and professional service provider in the global capital market.

In 1992, Saxo Bank was founded in Denmark, is a European full license bank and leading financial technology company. It has been a pioneer in financial technology and has become one of the most trustworthy and respected brands in the industry.

Saxo Bank, headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, has an international network. It has more than 1600 employees in more than 60 countries around the world, and it is distributed in financial centers in London, Singapore, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Sydney, Tokyo, Paris, Zurich and Dubai. Saxo Bank provides services to customers in more than 170 countries and regions through its local sales and service team and global online business, and its trading platform provides 28 different language versions.

In recent years, Saxo Bank has won the awards of "best platform Award for active traders in 2019", "best quality master broker of 2019", "Denmark digital transformation in 2019" partner in transition products "award and" best IT Application Award 2018 "in recent years.

Saxo bank actively participates in the construction of China capital market interconnection channel facilities, provides one-stop transaction service for overseas investors to invest in domestic assets in China through stock and bond communication, and jointly established the financial technology company Saxo fintech Co., Ltd. with Zhejiang Geely Holding Group. In order to cover more asset types of financial market transactions, realize the innovation of trading and investment technology and services, recently, we have chosen to cooperate with linksoft to sign a successful contract!

Saxo Bank financial technology chose the LINKSOFT product:
SOURCEDATA market data service.
LINKSOFT provides:
Hong Kong stock omd-c SP L2 real time market;
Hong Kong stock BMP market.

LINKSOFT holds the data supplier license of Hong Kong market and Nasdaq data supplier license, and has deployed double computer rooms and nodes in the mainland and Hong Kong to provide massive financial data and enjoy data transmission at high speed.
LINKSOFT focuses on the financial industry and is committed to providing one-stop professional technical services for international securities, futures, funds and other institutions.
With continuous product innovation and more comprehensive industry big data integration analysis, LINKSOFT will help financial institutions to innovate and develop, so as to "continuously create value for customers". Through this cooperation, Saxo financial technology will obtain accurate and real-time market data service, and also provide strong help for LINKSOFT to further expand the international financial market!

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