We are committed to providing overall solutions and services for the securities industry;

We offer our customers: Securities portal; trading terminal; account opening system; management system and other one-stop comprehensive services.

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Security Portal

Adopt safe website application technology to ensure website security,

To provide one-stop solutions for securities companies, to show the corporate image,

Provide a guaranteed website operation and maintenance scheme to enhance the added value of the enterprise.

Trading Terminal

Professional securities practitioners create rigorous and smooth trading end products

It has comprehensive functional modules (smart staring board, smart stock selection, community BBS, K-line stock selection, short-term wizard, market mall, etc.),

The market data covers a wide range and is suitable for users in various markets. The platform functions are familiar with users

Operation habits, improve the platform's activity, and provide users with flexible customized modules,

At the same time, guarantee the information and capital security of users, and provide timely and effective operation and maintenance.

Account opening system

Provide one-to-one customized development and account opening process guidance for securities companies,
It is easy to open an account anytime and anywhere, and users in many countries and regions can open an account on the platform; technically, it provides multiple guarantees for the account security, guarantees the system's ultra-high performance, is easy to expand, and strictly keeps the user's account information confidential.

Management system

It can meet the different needs of users and provide the overall solution of securities asset management business,
At the same time, it can meet the different needs of securities self operation and asset management business, ensure safety, facilitate operation and maintenance, do a good job in asset control for operators, and strictly prevent asset risk risk in time.


System terminal

  • Equalizer

  • F10 Capital

  • Meibao Security

  • Multi-accounts trading system for Hong Kong stock

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