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Open account system

Update time :2020-04-02

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After the investor logs into the securities company's online account opening system with a valid digital certificate and signs the relevant account opening agreement, the securities company will open the account for the investor in accordance with the prescribed procedures. Investors apply for a digital certificate from a securities company or an electronic certification service agency designated by the securities company, and go through the online account opening procedures based on the digital certificate.

This is an investor's independent and self-service account opening form. Online account opening is an innovative business. Compared with on-site account opening, it has broken through the time and geographical restrictions, and the future development trend can achieve 7 * 24 hour account opening. Investors can open a securities account directly by using the account opening system, and there is no need to meet with the broker's staff on the whole process. Then, the relevant account can participate in the transaction normally. High-quality Internet features such as fast launch, integrated APP, strong applicability, rapid iteration, and security compliance.