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Link Trade

Update time :2020-04-01

Update  Function

1. Real-time push of market data through websocket;

2. Market members: increase the permission to view the market, which can be obtained through the market shopping/activity center to activate the permission;

3. Market Mall: Level-2 advanced market quotation, providing international standard data interface, real-time update of stock data information content, open real-time data such as Hong Kong stocks, US stocks, details and brokerage queues, and Shanghai and Shenzhen stocks have increased from five markets to Ten, weighted average commissioned buying / commissioned selling prices are displayed in real time, and the transaction details are made from scratch. The refresh frequency has been significantly accelerated, greatly enriching the gaps in market information, meeting customers' differentiated information needs, providing more help for investors in trading, and providing more data support for various research departments;

4. Position holding page: increase the position of market classification;

5. Market page: add time-sharing thumbnails of index market;

6. Account opening process: Optimize account opening problem assistance and account opening guidance;

7. Back-end management: reconstruct the back-end management function;

8. F10 data: data source switching through source data;

9. Setting page: increase the switch of preference for ups and downs;

10. Transaction records: optimize the status of transaction records;

11. FAQ query: fuzzy search can be performed to facilitate users to find available information and save users' query time;

Update Document

1. It can support the trading of multiple types of financial products, including Hong Kong stocks, US stocks, Shanghai and Shenzhen stocks, and other markets. Under the premise of international financial market vision and forward-looking, Lingke Securities Trading System builds a user-centric business system with reference to the operation and experience of international investment banks. It is a core business system that iterates rapidly and conforms to the development trend of modern investment. It is the industry leader Trading terminal system.Websocket pushes the stock market and trading market in real time.Equipped with a professional technical development team, FIX API interface services, real-time financial market information exchange, daily transactions and operation and maintenance.In addition, real-time monitoring of the stock exchange market situation. An intelligent system that effectively implements enterprise-level management and monitoring, and automatic early warning, is a system that runs on a variety of operating systems and database systems, improves the system's platform adaptability, and provides users with maximum platform selectivity.

2. The settlement system has better liquidation, settlement, transfer, and the establishment of a securities trading system information technology platform, which effectively strengthens the security of the system and improves the security of Lingke's securities transactions.

3. Auxiliary functions such as smart stock selection, short-term wizards, morphological stock selection, marketplace market, and smart mark-to-market protection protect users 'rights and interests, and can increase users' transaction volume at the operational level.