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Good news again! Neptune securities, a well-known Australian Securities Company, choose LINKSOFT!


On February 24, 2021, Neptune Securities Ltd signed a contract with LINKSOFT !

Neptune Securities Ltd (ABN 65 133 085908) (Neptune securities) is a leading financial provider in Australia. It holds ASIC regulatory license and currently holds Australian Financial Services License (license number: 332890).

Authorized and supervised by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC), Neptune securities is committed to providing foreign exchange financial services to institutional customers and retail customers, and has made outstanding achievements.

Neptune securities chose the LINKSOFT product:

1. Linktrade financial transaction terminal

2. Linkaos online account opening system

3. Linkcms centralized management system

4. Sourcedata market data service.

LINKSOFT also provides Neptune securities with auxiliary functions such as intelligent mark to market and Hong Kong stock innovation, as well as personalized customization functions such as foreign exchange and dark market trading.

LINKSOFT focuses on the financial industry and is committed to providing one-stop professional technical services for international securities, futures, funds and other institutions.

With continuous product innovation and more comprehensive industry big data integration analysis, LINKSOFT will help financial institutions to innovate and develop, so as to "continuously create value for customers". Through this cooperation, Neptune securities will obtain professional and comprehensive financial system services, and also provide strong help for LINKSOFT to further expand the international financial market!

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