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Update time :2020-04-01

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It can support the trading of multiple types of financial products, such as Hong Kong stocks, US stocks, Shanghai and Shenzhen stocks, and other markets. Ling Ke Ri Nei Rong is a selection of high-quality US stocks and Hong Kong stocks with strong liquidity and low volatility. According to the deposit paid by the user, the user's funds are borrowed at a ratio of 25 times / 50 times, thereby expanding the user's purchasing power and realizing 1 A short-term trading product with up to 50 times the profit.

Lingke Neirong not only focuses on account security, but extends risk control capabilities to the trading link, and strives to provide stronger support for users' trading risks. On the premise of ensuring the safety of funds, it supports the market value and liquidity of stock targets. Optimized leverage for top and volatility settings, and interest-free for T + 0 trading days. Because Hong Kong stocks and U.S. stocks do not have a maximum price limit, Ke Rirong has made stricter risk control, and provides different gameplays and different multiples of guarantee amount for intraday financing services. If you are optimistic about a certain stock, you can use the highest multiple, such as No information can be used to close the position test in advance with the lowest multiple to reduce the risk to a controllable range.