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Python Crawler engineer

Department:Technology| Job Type:Technology| Location:Hangzhou
Release Time:2020.09.28

Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for providing vertical and accurate data acquisition, extraction and storage services for the company's business line;

2. Design crawler strategy and anti-shield rules to improve the efficiency and quality of web grasping;

3. Responsible for solving common problems of crawler such as anti-crawler and network anomaly;

4. Responsible for the daily maintenance of the crawler system to ensure the stable docking of the system.

Job Requirements

1. Proficient in Python with over 2 years of practical experience in crawler projects; 2. Familiar with TCP/IP protocol, programming experience under Linux;

3. Proficient in Scrapy crawler frame;

4. Proficient in using Mysql, Mongo, Redis and other SQL;

5. Have certain ability of data capture and analysis;

6. Familiar with Mysql, Mongo, Redis and other SQL;

7. Having certain operation and maintenance ability is preferred, and the securities industry is preferred;

8. Please bring the test crawler code with you.

Application method

Submit your resume to: (live interview)

Workplace: Floor t4-21, American Financial City (EFC) American Center, Hangzhou Future Science and Technology City

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Customer Hotline:400-865-5223