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Product Manager

Department:Product Operation| Job Type:Back-stage management| Location:Hangzhou
Release Time:2020.05.25

Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for the business planning and function design of Internet financial products;

2. Analyze, investigate and sort out user needs and business needs, and complete functional extraction through demand combing;

3. Independently design products, draw product prototype drawings, write product requirements documents, description documents, etc.;

4. Participated in project development process, promoted product development progress, and was able to coordinate UI, development, test and other positions to ensure that products were completed in high quality and quantity as planned;

5. Familiar with product development process, able to apply user experience and interaction design theory to practice;

6. Collect and analyze the feedback from users, excavate the real needs of users, and constantly improve the product.

Job Requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above, at least 3 years experience in product design and development;

2. Proficient in AXURE, interaction design, XMind, Visio and other product-related software, design business processes; Understand and master webSOCKT communication;

3. Can independently propose solutions for a certain market segment, independently complete competitive product analysis, and carry out product innovation according to the analysis conclusions;

4. Clear product version iteration planning, promote product update, independently responsible for the full life cycle management of the product or function;

5. Mature product thinking, excellent logical analysis ability and judgment, rigorous thinking;

6. Experience in financial securities industry is preferred;

7. Good team work spirit and communication skills, strong learning ability, self-motivation, stress tolerance and adaptability.

Application method

Send resume to: site interview)

Location: t4-21, American Center, EFC, future technology city, Hangzhou

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