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Product Manager

Department:Product Operation| Job Type:Back-stage management| Location:Hangzhou
Release Time:2020.05.25

Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for the back office business logic, structure, control and data of Internet financial products;

2. Analyze, research and sort out user demand and business demand, and complete function refining through demand sorting;

3. Independently design products, prepare PRD documents, operation instruction documents, etc;

4. Promote the development of backstage products to ensure the data security, overall control and resource mobilization of backstage products are developed according to the plan and released with high quality;

5. Collect and analyze the feedback from users, tap the real needs of users and continuously improve products.

6. Participate in the project development process, promote the development progress, be able to coordinate the positions of UI, development, testing, etc., and ensure that the products are completed in high quality and quantity as planned;

Job Requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above, more than three years product work experience;

2. Be proficient in using product related software such as axiore, XMIND, Visio, PPT, etc., assist in clear business process, organize business logic;

3. Be able to complete the scheme of back-end products from business logic to structure control, and integrate according to analysis and data conclusion;

4. Clear the control content of back-end products, understand the specific system association and docking;

5. Have excellent logical analysis ability and judgment, and rigorous thinking;

6. Project experience in financial and securities industry is preferred, and overseas experience is preferred;

7. Have good team spirit, strong learning and pressure resistance adaptability;

Application method

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